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Viking Awards

Award-winning accomplishments are never attained overnight. Instead, they are achieved over the course of a lot of training and preparation. Viking Awards has been creating awards and engraving products that recognize individual and team achievement since 1973 and we have been serving customers out of our present location since 2006.

We have sustained our own long-time success by helping our customers celebrate the success of others. Viking Awards has been working hard at earning the trust of our community by offering quality products supported by premier service. Over time we have also expanded into other facets such as school gym uniforms, team apparel, and signage. Whether you are in the market for team apparel, trophies to mark their season-ending accomplishments, academic trophies, or a plaque of distinction to recognize individual merit or appreciation within your organization, we can show you our game plan that has been winning the business of our local area for decades.

Our team carefully manages each project and our trained engraving technicians work closely to ensure that each product is engraved to customer satisfaction and completed on time as requested by our customers.

Please contact us for your next award or engraving project. We are located at 846 N. York, Elmhurst IL 60126. Our store main number is 630-833-1733. Our email is

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